Real-time weather updates via texting / Twitter

Sometimes mobile network coverage in the hills is poor and you may not have data connection to check updates from Google Groups.  Mobile texting doesn't use the data connection (i.e. not the same as your web or email updates) and works fine even with quite poor network coverage.  LLSC has a Twitter account which is used only for weather updates - you can send and receive them by texting.  

Instructions for using the group text system for real-time updates are provided below.  Big thanks to Alistair Pandelus for setting it up.

 1. Go to and create an account.

 2. Go to Settings  Mobile on you twitter page and register your mobile phone.

 3. Go to and click the Follow button.

 4. Next to the follow button is a little button with a cog on it.  Press that and click "Turn on mobile notifications"

 5. Wait until LLSClub follows you in return.  This could take a little while; it used to be automated but Twitter has now banned this so you may need to wait for someone to add you manually.

 6. You can send a message to the group by sending a text to 86444 (Vodafone, Orange, Sure, 3 and O2 customers) or +44 7624 800379 if you're not on those networks by texting d LLSClub your-message-goes-here eg. d llsclub tinto 1545 S 12-15mph lovely smooth conditions.  If you are just testing, please put "test" in your message.

 7. The first part d llsclub (not case sensitive) before your message is ESSENTIAL.

 8. You should see your message come back to you as a text message within a few minutes.

 9.  You can unsubscribe from the group, permanently or temporarily, by changing your mobile notifications settings in your Twitter account.