The BHPA coaching scheme aims to provide a continuation of training opportunities for pilots from the moment they leave initial training in a school environment right through to top competition level.    Club coaches attend a training course run by the BHPA covering communication, skills assessment, conditions assessment and much much more.      

As part of Lanarkshire and Lothian's commitment to this ideal, we have a team of dedicated coaches for both hang gliding and paragliding.  They are always available to advise and assist you expand your flying experience in a structured and safe manner. 

Coaching happens both on the hill (informal one to one or groups) and off the hill (pub, club meetings).  Sometimes email is useful way of discussing your experiences in public on the club message board or on a one-to-one basis with one of the club coaches.  Suitable topics for coaching run from refining a front launch to competition flying to the never ending topic (the weather) and its effects on our flying. 

Club coaches will also help you progress towards BHPA awards such as Pilot rating (and onwards).  So next time you are looking for advice or even if you are just sitting on the hill waiting for conditions to improve, approach one of your coaches and ask them a really difficult question and see if they can answer it!

Coaches will generally always be keen to help but if he/she is just about to launch into the thermal of the day you may have to ask your question later!  

Feel free to get in touch with any of our coaches listed below.

Chief Coach (PG)

Years flying experience: 25 
Total hours flown: 2250
Current glider: Gold Nova Mentor 4
Scottish sites familiar with: apart from Hillend, I must have 
flown from all of the established Scottish “sites” - and a good load
of hills which aren’t “sites “
Sites/ areas abroad you are familiar with: Alps - Laragne, Annecy,
Muissey, St Andre, and a few around Chambery/ St Hilaire
Pyrenees – Mostly Eastern side but a few across the range on both the
Spanish and French sides.
Spain – Piedrahita, Algodonales, S Sierra Nevada and Nerja area
South Africa - Porterville and Garden Route sites (eg Wilderness )
New Zealand – A selection of the common sites on both Islands
Slovenia - Tolmin - Kobarid ridge
Favourite Site: Currently the Eildons, but its changed over the years
Favourite type of flying conditions: I prefer light wind thermic
conditions – which allow exploration of an area – but I usually prefer
to actually go as far as I can rather than trying to get back
Other points of interest: Club Chief Coach, and I’m head of the BHPA
Pilot Development Panel - which is aimed at improving the Safety and
Success of our sport by introducing a Pilot Development Structure.

Club Coach (PG)

Years of flying experience: 19 
Total hours flown: 400+
Current glider: Gin Atlas, Light green
Scottish Sites familiar with: many!
Favourite type of flying conditions: light wind and thermic

Club Coach (PG)

Years flying experience: 8
Total hours flown: 180
Current glider: Nova Mentor 4, red white and blue
Scottish sites familiar withmost sites in the Borders and the Highlands up to 2 hrs drive from the Central Belt
Favourite Site: whatever works!
Favourite type of flying conditions: don't mind, but thermic days are best.

Club Coach (PG)

Years flying experience: 6
Total hours flown: 350
Current gliderRed Gin Sprint 3
Scottish sites familiar with: most sites in the Highlands and the Borders
Sites / areas abroad you are familiar with: France - St Andre, Annecy, Chabre / Laragne
Slovenia - Tolmin
Favourite Site: must be the Eildons!
Favourite type of flying conditions: any day that makes me say "woooooooo!"

Club Coach (PG)

Years flying experience: 3
Total hours flown: 35
Current gliderNova Ion 3, brown with yellow leading edge
Scottish sites familiar withHillend, Hamburger, Moorfoots, Whiteside, Broughton, Trahenna,
Abingtons, Dungavel, Tinto, Bishop, Gargunnock, Glencoe, Tarmachan, Morrone, Craig Meagaidh
Sites / areas abroad you are familiar with: Spain - Algodonales
France - Greolieres
Favourite Site: Glenceo, but still looking...
Favourite type of flying conditions: any flyable day in Scotland