Welcome to LLSC

Lanarkshire and Lothian Soaring Club is a BHPA member and has been in existence since 1975.    

We can be usually seen around Tinto Hill, but we also fly many other sites in Scotland.  For more information on paragliding and hangliding, check out our FAQ page.

Flying with us

As a BHPA club, we do not provide basic training - but you can learn to fly with many schools across the UK, including several based in Scotland.

If you have qualified with a flying school, we do have a team of dedicated coaches for both hang gliding and paragliding who will be happy to guide you further into your flying career.

Flying at Fairlie and Campsies
Campsie and Fairlie Letter of Agreement (LOA)
Please note that both Farilie and Campsies sites are within controlled airspace, and flying there is illegal (and dangerous!) unless all pilots:
  • are signed up to the LOA list
  • conform to the rules set out in the LOA
  • check in with the traffic control as agreed in the LOA

The sites are open again for LLSC and guests.  All LLSC members as well as all guests must sign-up to the LOA list.  Please read the instructions under this link, and sign up to the list.