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Paraglider over Tinto South

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Welcome to the Lanarkshire and Lothian Soaring Club (LLSC) Website. We're an amateur club for hang glider and paraglider pilots in the Lanarkshire, Lothian and central belt areas of Scotland, UK. We are affiliated to the national body, the BHPA.



Lambing Season General Precautions

Starting soon with high season 1st April to 31st May

For sites with no specific agreements or LLSC site descriptions. Fly sensibly and try not to frighten livestock. Avoid scraping low down if there are sheep about. Land in fields free of sheep.

Around Tinto generally there are no restrictions. Use your common sense.

Broughton is not usually a problem but you can check with the farmer when you pay your parking fees.

For Dungavel LLSC do not have permission from the landowner to use this site and note the sign in the bottom field.

Abington sites are CLOSED .

The north side of the Fintry hills have been sensitive in the past. The general rule here is not to land in fields with sheep during the lambing period. There are many good landing fields and rough pasture areas not occupied by sheep. If in doubt land further up the hill. Don't scrape above livestock. Some of the farms now have horses in paddocks. Please give these a wide berth at all times and avoid overflying the farm buildings and paddocks. It is suggested that large groups don’t gather during lambing season

No problems at the Campsies as there are no sheep now just newly planted trees in the community forest.

Ochils sites are generally not a problem just use your common sense and try to land away from livestock.

Balquidder is a popular spring XC site. There have been problems with local farmers however the hill used for launch is split between several landowners and you are perfectly entitled to exercise your right to roam. There is plenty of space to land in the valley without going anywhere near sheep. Land near Mhor84 and enjoy a pint rather than the enticing green fields in Balquidder which will be heavily populated with sheep in spring.

If you see any stupid behaviour please try to engage with the culprit and advise them of the importance of keeping a low profile during the lambing season.

If you have a problem at an LLSC site could you please let the LLSC sites officer know. Please try to get landowners name and contact details.


There are sensitive bird nesting sites in some areas. Particularly Glen Affric. Check the Nature Scot website here  if you are venturing into the highlands.  



Contact us

If you want to contact us, go to the Club / About page to see who might be most appropriate for your needs - here. If you are a member and want to contact the Coaches, go here

Membership for 2023

is now (2023-12-07) CLOSED. This just means we're not accepting new memberships until January 2024 since we don't feel new members should pay for such a short period, especially as the weather isn't very compatible with flying at this time of year. Please DO come back in early January to join for next year, thanks!


 Abington sites are CLOSED until further notice.


If you have a problem at an LLSC site could you please let the LLSC sites officer know.