Welcome to the Lanarkshire and Lothian Soaring Club (LLSC) Website. We're an amateur club for hang glider and paraglider pilots in the Lanarkshire, Lothian and central belt areas of Scotland, UK. We are affiliated to the national body, the BHPA.

Contact us

If you want to contact us, go to the Club / About page to see who might be most appropriate for your needs - here. If you are a member and want to contact the Coaches, go here

COVID-19 and flying

The SHPF has been involved with Sport Scotland in agreeing an approach and statement regarding a return to flying - please consult the following document

Site Guide Updated

Please check the new sites guide to ensure you're familiar with each sites' rules, as at the time of writing (each site details include an update date). Some older sites have been retired, but are still viewable here.

New Website

On the 1st July 2020, the LLSC "launched" a new website. The previous website had done sterling service, but was in need of an update to reflect changes to where we fly, modes of communication in the club and newer technologies. Let us know what you think

You can access an "replica" of the old website here